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  • Cardiac rehab patients compete in World Heart Games

  •        2013 World Heart Games

      Center for Cardiac Fitness patients Ken Cohen, left, and Bob Perry traveled recently with Julianne DeAngelis, an educator at the center, to the 2013 World Heart Games in Georgia.

    Nine years ago, a routine visit by Bob Perry to his primary care doctor turned serious, quickly.

    Unaware of any symptoms, Perry was told that he should see a cardiologist as soon as possible. His doctor’s suspicions were correct and Perry would undergo quadruple bypass.

    Perry, then 54, knew he had to take steps to stay healthy and turned to the Cardiovascular Institute’s Center for Cardiac Fitness. Ever since, he has exercised two days a week at the center under the close supervision of staff.

    Perry demonstrated his continued good health recently by competing in the 2013 World Heart Games in Decatur, Georgia.  He was joined by Ken Cohen, another patient of the Center for Cardiac Fitness, at the Olympic-style competition for people who have cardiovascular disease or are at risk for it.  

    Perry won gold and Cohen silver in the bowling competition. Other World Heart Games activities included table tennis, volleyball, walking and biking. The event is sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine.

    “The World Heart Games, where cardiac rehab participants are ‘reclaiming the joy of sport,’ not only celebrates Bob and Ken’s daily dedication to their health, but also is a testament to the tremendous benefits of cardiac rehabilitation,” says Julianne DeAngelis, an educator at the Center for Cardiac Fitness who made the trip to the competition.  

    Perry credits the Center for Cardiac Fitness for keeping him on track. Through rowing, walking and other exercises, as well as eating healthy, Perry has kept off the 30 pounds he lost following surgery.

    “The program is a great support group. The staff is so dedicated and makes you feel at home,” he explains. “There is also such great camaraderie among the patients. We have all had these heart-related scares, so it makes you feel like you are not alone.”

    Cohen agrees.

    “If I tried to stay in shape on my own, I would not have done it,” explains the 61-year-old, who had his first heart attack at age 36. “The peer pressure gets you there at 6 a.m. for those work outs.”

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